WDH928HA 25L Dehumidifier

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  • Up to 25 Litre/day extraction rate (@ 30C/80%RH)
  • Simple manual control
  • Adjustable  humiditstat
  • Upward air outlet with adjustable directional louvre for laundry drying
  • Large capacity 6.5 litre tank with auto cut-off when full
  • Continuous drain option
  • Castors for easy movement
  • Carry handle
  • Noise level 42-45dB
  • Operating temperature range +5C to +35C
  • Electrical consumption 320W
  • Colour: ALL white
  • Dimensions 61h x 39w x 27d cm
  • Weight 18Kg

Price excl VAT: £124.96
Incl VAT: £149.95

    The WDH-928HA is a high capacity heavy duty dehumidifier designed for demanding applications including large properties, flood and damp recovery situations, cellars, launderettes, hair dressers etc.

    With a massive 25 litre/day extraction capability (at 30C/80%RH) the WDH-928HA is essentially an industrial performance machine in a aesthetically pleasing domestic enclosureIdeal for any application where maximum extraction is required and where temperatures do not fall below 5C., including workshops, garages, storage containers etc.

    The WDH-928HA has an adjustable humidistat. With large collecting tank with auto cut-off, easy to fit continuous drainage option and castors for easy movement, the WDH928HA is a truly versatile dehumidifier.It will auto restart after a power interruption too.
    Note this is a ‘no-frills’ high extraction dehumidifier. It is not really suitable for small properties as it would prove to be too obtrusive. We sell most of these for 5 bed+ properties and for use in cellars and heated storage areas and for flood recovery.
    A continuous drain hose can easily be added to the unit (Standard hosepipe will fit) allowing water to drain away by gravity from the machine. We also sell a separate Condensate Pump kit that can be used to capture the water and pump it uphill – perfect for cellars for instance.
    Colour is all white (product image shows some black panels – the unit we supply has all white panels)

    Price excl VAT: £124.96
    Incl VAT: £149.95