Tosai 241 2.2kW Liquid Fuel Heater

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  • 2200W heat output
  • Ultra compact dimensions and light weight
  • Totally portable - no wires, no pipes, no flue
  • Runs on  ROLF Paraffin Extra or any C1 paraffin
  • Requires NO external electricity source - ideal for remote locations or in power cuts.
  • Up to 20 hours use from one 3.8L tank.
  • Suitable for rooms sizes of 30-90m3
  • Virtually odourless operation when powered by ROLF Paraffin Extra
  • Push Button Ignition - no matches needed
  • Anti-topple / knock cut-off sensor
  • Dimensions approx. 40cm High x 35cm Wide x 34cm Deep
  • Weight 6.1Kg

Price excl VAT: £124.99
Incl VAT: £149.99

    The Tosai -241 is a high performance conventional wick heater than will run on either paraffin or on near odourless paraffin Extra available from ourselves.

    One tank full of 3.8 Litres will give up to 20 hours of constant use.

    Requires no external electricity so can be used where there is no power supply or during power cuts

    • The Tosai -241 does require four x C sized batteries for the ignition (see related items below)

    Price excl VAT: £124.99
    Incl VAT: £149.99