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  • Cooling capacity 9500 - 20000 BTU/hr / 2.8 - 5.7 kW (Nominal rating 18000BTU/Hr / 5.3kW)
  • Heating capacity 8000 - 21000 BTU/hr / 2.3 - 6.2 kW
  • Up to 46m2 room size (indication only)
  • Energy rating A
  • COP Value of 3.41 / EER Value of 3.21
  • Bi-Direction air vane technology
  • Digital LED display
  • Full function remote control
  • Fantastic Offer Price at the moment - save ££££
  • INVERTER driven unit so fully variable high efficiency output
  • Extra Long SIX METRE umbilical - the longest in the self install industry
  • Ultra compact indoor unit - just 70 x 60 x 21cm - Ideal for domestic rooms, conservatories etc.

Price excl VAT: £582.50
Incl VAT: £699.00

    Having an air source heat pump unit located lower down on a wall can be very useful especially when you have dwarf walls, e.g. in conservatories. You may also prefer to replace a conventional radiator with a low wall mounted air conditioner that has the ability to both heat and cool a room. The MFA18 can be installed for both domestic and commercial applications.

    We sell a lot for event hire and corporate use where the indoor unit is placed on a temporary bracket and the outdoor stand 6 m away outside.

    The MFA18 IS pregassed so all that is needed to be done is to couple the indoor and outdoor units using the cam-lock quick coupling provided. NO nuts, spanners, flare tools or other spectialist tools arerequired. The umbilical carrying the refrigerent also carries the electical wiring to the outdoor unit so you only need to provide power to the indoor unit (13A socket fine).

    The SELF install air conditioner has a heat pump so will heat as well as cool and therefore can provide year round climate control. It has a programmable timer, remote control and operating modes including automatic, sleep and dehumidification. The  MFA18 unit also has adjustable louvres for left, right up and down and the louvre can be set to automatically swing up and down. Air filtration is achieved via a washable electrostatic filter.

    Price excl VAT: £582.50
    Incl VAT: £699.00